Born June 11. 1970 and passing from this life
March 16, 2001, my brother, John Joseph Keuter
had many educational hardships. This resulted in a
short lived life.

As we reached the age to go to school, I being the
oldest proceded first. However, as we were adopted
from different families and with different
dispostions, this caused great conflict in the school
system. My brother had great difficulty in school
and was being compared to his older sister (Erin)
consistantly. With his dyslexia and ADD it was
impossible to think that we would approach
schoolwork in the same manner with the same

This museum is in the memory of my brother. Each
child is different and their situations are different.  
Others have chosen to forget him and foresake his
memory after his tragic death. We will continue to
promote education in his name and do our best to
make sure history does not repeat itself.

If you are looking for a gravesite or a headstone to
mark my brother's passing, you will never find one.
He was never even given an obituary to mark his
passing. The museum is his memorial and our work
is our devotion to his memory

Rest in peace, J.J. I will keep the promise that we
made to each other.